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Clients We Serve

Ideal Client Profiles

We work with a range of clients, but find a common thread connected to the following personas of clients we serve.

Tech Professional with Stock Options

As a high income tech professional, you face all of the same challenges as other highly paid employees – except with a twist: navigating the confusing world of stock options.

On top of that, the boom and bust nature of the tech industry means you have to be more flexible with your career choices, emergency funds, and financial gameplan than most others.

Private Practice or Hospital Employed Physician

Practicing medicine takes a unique combination of academic discipline, human empathy, and precise skill. Your dedication to your patients, leaves little time for focused attention on your finances.

You have questions about managing student loan debt, minimizing your income tax burden, and dealing with partnership/S Corporation distributions; on top of the normal financial concerns of highly compensated employees.

Corporate or Private Practice Attorney

Your time and attention is extremely valuable, and you spend most of it serving the interests of those you represent. Minimizing taxes, building your investment accounts and working towards a tax advantaged partnership position are a few of your top priorities.

On top of this, you don’t have hours and hours to waste on financial planning discussions that don’t yield tremendous results, so you’re looking for actionable items with a minimal time commitment.


Business Owner 0r Real Estate Investor

As a business owner or real estate investor, you’re constantly thinking about the health of your business, your next deal and what the future holds. You need someone to help you maximize your deductions and tax savings, while providing key insights into the strategies you should be considering to help you grow.

In addition to your business needs, there are planning, investment, and tax services you should be utilizing at the individual level as well. We can help you efficiently manage both.


High Income Couple with Children

Your spouse and your children are the most important things in your life. Your main concern is creating a future that helps them thrive and gives them opportunities to succeed.

As your children grow, you want to be able to plan for their education, help them invest, and get them off to a good start in their career/business ventures. We can help you formalize your goals and take actionable steps to accomplish them.

Taking The Next Step

We’re here to meet with you whenever you’re ready. Just book a 15 minute introductory call or Zoom meeting using the calendar below.