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Flat-Fee Financial Advisor

Serving High Income Professionals & Business Owners

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What We Do

A financial & tax advisor, helping clients like you build wealth, plan for the future, and minimize their taxes; all for one low monthly fee.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Retirement planning is just one aspect of a comprehensive financial plan. Our clients are also concerned about maximizing the opportunities they have today, while keeping an eye on the future. 

Cashflow, debt management, 529 plans (education savings), risk management, real estate acquisition, small business growth, and stock option exercise are just some of the areas your financial plan will address.

Ongoing Investment Management

Whether your investment approach is hands-on (or hands-off), we we have a process to work alongside you; providing customized investment recommendations, monitoring performance, and adjusting holdings according to your specific goals.

The best part is you don’t have to move money, open accounts or provide us with discretionary authority over your money. We can work with whatever custodial relationships you already have established, providing expert advice in a way that works for you.


Annual Income Tax Preparation & Tax Planning

High income earners and business owners understand there’s a difference between what you make, and what you keep. We help our clients keep more of what’s theirs with proactive tax planning.

We also alleviate the pain and frustration of tax time for our clients, by preparing and filing all state and federal income tax returns; including sole proprietor, partnership, S Corp and trust tax returns.


What Clients Expect From a Financial Advisor

We know your life is constantly changing. That’s why we come along for the journey; providing conflict-free planning, investment, and tax advice you can trust.

We believe a great financial advisor must have a deep understanding of their clients values, goals, and concerns in life. That’s why we make ourselves available to connect as often as our clients want to. Whatever life has in store for you, we can guide and support you every step of the way.

We believe our client’s time and attention is valuable, that’s why we structure our platforms, reports and meetings to deliver relevant and actionable insights that matter to them. You shouldn’t have to waste time sorting through endless data points trying to understand what’s meaningful and what isn’t. We help you make sense of your finances, so you can focus on the things you truly care about.

We believe our clients should know exactly what they pay, and exactly what they get, before they sign a client agreement. That’s why we don’t bill based on account balance, or sell commission products. We charge a single monthly retainer that covers all of the work we do together. You know how much you pay for all the other monthly services you subscribe to, why should your financial advisor be any different?

We believe our clients are looking for someone they can trust, to guide them through all of life’s financial challenges, regardless of the current stage they’re in, or the future goals they have. Smart financial decision making isn’t transactional or focused solely on investments. Long-term financial success is built on long-term relationships, and that’s what we strive to maintain with our clients.

Taking The Next Step

We’re here to meet with you whenever you’re ready. Just book a 15 minute introductory call or Zoom meeting using the calendar below.